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Roof repairs in Cornwall

It’s a horrible feeling finding damage to your property, requiring some roof repairs can seem a daunting task.

Finding a roof leak or damage to your roof can mean a dread of things to come, which could include water coming into your house causing untold amounts of damage, not only to your property but to your precious content inside.

You’d want something done about this quickly.

This is why we understand the importance of going that extra mile; being available to service any emergency roof repairs at any time you may require it.

Coupled with a over a decade of experience in roof repairs, our 24-hour callout service can give you peace of mind that there will be no further damage to your roof

Roof leak repair

Is it just a minor roof leak?

So let’s imagine that you’ve just noticed water stains running down your walls, or maybe a circular patch of discoloring on your ceiling. This possibly caused by damage to your roof, meaning water is being allowed to seep through.

If this is not fixed immediately and professionally, small leaks can lead to huge problems including but not limited to mould, rotted timber and framing, structurally damaged ceilings and the need to replace entire sections of insulation.

To fix all of the damage caused by a minor leak could potentially cost double, maybe even triple the cost of roof repairs to your property.

Roofing company in Cornwall

From our experience we know that Roof leak repair can entail working with a variety of materials depending on the property.

We deal with all kinds of roof materials and each of our team has extensive knowledge and experience in all the traditional and modern kinds of roofing materials.

We will make your roof weather-proof again whether you need emergency roof repairs or just replacements for some missing tiles/slates. We will match the same slate or tile to the rest of your roof and with our 24 hour call out service we can keep your mind at ease.

We also offer re-roofs, flat roofs repairs and much more.  Click here to view our full list of services