An unmaintained chimney can deteriorate quickly inevitably leading to further damage and its possible collapse meaning subsequent damage to roofing, the surrounding area and danger to anyone in proximity.

Something as simple as a hairline crack can compromise your chimney’s structural integrity, turning what could have been a simple problem into a rebuild. When the brick and mortar are damaged beyond repointing, the time has come for a chimney rebuild.

Our team are fully experienced in carrying out Chimney rebuilds, Chimney repairs and general Chimney maintenance.

When we carry out Chimney rebuilds and Chimney repairs we use the best materials for the job. We know which kinds of mortar to match to your existing mortar and can match your original bricks with our own.

Chimney Repairs

When weather erosion signs are found early on a chimney, it’s common to find mortar pulling away from the brick. This happens when extremes of weather cause the mortar joints and masonry to erode, resulting in small cracks that allow water in. After time the water penetrates and is allowed to freeze, which blows render and loosen mortar ultimately worsening the problem.

Where full Chimney rebuilds aren’t required, this problem can be fixed easily by repointing and re-rendering your Chimney. This involves raking out eroded mortar joints, any unstable or cracked areas of render, and repairing it with the application of new mortar and render


Checking your chimney is an essential part of your building’s overall maintenance. If left unchecked, it can be a hazard and cause damage to the rest of the building. We provide the following services;

  • Chimney Removal and Disposal
  • Chimney Repointing and Rendering
  • Chimney Rebuilds
  • Damaged Chimney pot repair

We’re a friendly Cornwall-based roofing company; give us a call for expert advice on your chimney rebuilds.