If you’re looking to open up a room with some natural daylight, naturally ventilate your loft conversion and save significantly on electric bills then you might have considered velux roof windows already.

So why go with Velux roof windows?

If you’ve been thinking about installing roof windows in your home, then you’ve probably heard of Velux.

They are the world’s leading manufacturer of roof windows, and they’ve been so for quite some time now.

They continue to develop and innovate their products and have truly set the standard for quality that many manufacturers of roof windows still seek.

From our perspective we love them. We get very few problems and call-backs about them. They’re easy and quick to install, which cut down on labour expenses.

A large part of our work with clients involves fitting Velux roof windows so we’re up-to-date with the latest Velux roofing products and have extensive experience in fitting them too.

No matter whether you have a new build or want to bring some light to an existing roof, our team can advise you on the correct size and style as well as install our high quality Velux roof windows with a flawless finish and a 10 year guarantee.

Velux skylight

Elegantly designed, the Velux skylight is a perfect way to bring light into a room, giving it a bright, vibrant and spacious feel.

We’ve installed the Velux skylight windows in a variety of roof types and properties and have solutions for all roof types.

There are many different styles and sizes in the Velux windows range, so creating that light-filled room in your property couldn’t be easier.

Roof windows installation should be carried out by a professional. All of our fitting team are qualified and experienced in fitting Velux products.

We’re easy to talk to, give us a call and talk to us about our Velux roof windows installations.