Durable and reliable, Lead work has been used for thousands of years as a roofing material and is one of the oldest building materials, used as far back as far as the Roman times.

Lead provides not only timeless style, but also has strength and anti-weathering properties. Lead work is typically more expensive than other roofing materials and it’s a rock-solid investment that provide dividends far into the future. If lead work is carried out properly, by professional contractors, there are no further maintenance costs and the lead work should last as long as the property itself.

Lead being malleable makes it extremely easy to work with and gives the option for lead work to be carried out on buildings with many multi-curved contours; period buildings being just one example.

When fitted and detailed correctly by a professional, lead sheet is guaranteed to be a long-life reliable material with remarkable strength and durability in even the most adverse weather conditions.

Lead is 100% recyclable and Eco-friendly which makes it great for the environment. It can be recycled many times without loosing its natural qualities. In fact, the process of recycling lead actually uses less energy than the original smelting process from which it was born.

Lead work contractors

All of our team of roofing specialists have each accredited to them a long history of specialist experience in working on lead work roofing projects.

As a well-established and trusted roofing contractors of over a decade, we pride ourselves on our lead work being completely water resistant, pleasing to the eye and with our especial attention to detail we provide exceptional work around chimneys, abutments, valleys and much more.

We’ve accumulated a wealth of experience between us as roofing contractors. For unparalleled workmanship, at an honest price, give us a call to talk about your lead work specifications.